About Us

NCB Jewelry is designed and created in Nashville, TN by artist Natalie Blin. Inspired by her grandmother’s jewelry collection at a young age, Natalie has been making jewelry as long as she can remember. While studying industrial design at the Art Institute of Colorado, she sparked a passion for fine jewelry design.
“Studying mass manufacturing and commercial product design served as a catalyst to establish my handmade jewelry line. I began to appreciate the functional application of artistic design, but I wanted to incorporate it into something beautiful and unique. Natural gemstones became my medium, as no two things in nature are the same."
As a universal art that we share, jewelry is a tangible medium that conveys individuality. The distinct style of NCB Jewelry originates from the belief that fashion is the most personal form of self-expression. Each NCB design is handcrafted to evoke a sensual and intuitive individual response.