Jewelry Care

Precious Metals + Gemstones

All NCB gold jewelry is made with fine 14k gold fill metal. Superior in quality, it is more durable than gold-plated or vermeil, it does not tarnish and it looks like solid 14k gold! Consisting of a solid 14k gold layer that is flawlessly bonded with heat and pressure onto a brass base metal, the top 10% layer is 14k gold and will not rub off, peel off or irritate the skin like most gold plated and vermeil metals.

The silver we use is sterling silver (.925) and is naturally a bright metal consisting of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper alloy. Over time, the small percentage of copper alloy in sterling silver will naturally oxidize when exposed to the sulfur and oxygen in the air.  In many of our pieces, we specify the use of 'oxidized' or 'antiqued' sterling silver. It is not old or recycled. It is brand new, bright sterling silver that has been treated to accelerate this natural oxidation process, giving each piece that gorgeous, antiqued look. This jewelry has a natural, rustic and understated look while still benefitting from the quality, durability and sheen of sterling silver.


How to Care for your Jewelry

 NCB Jewelry is hand crafted with high quality, natural gemstones and fine, precious metals to ensure a gorgeous, durable product to be enjoyed for many years. Each piece of NCB Jewelry comes packaged in a 100% recycled gift box with tarnish-resistant cushion. For best care, use this box to store your jewelry when not wearing. Store in cool, dry place.

Do not shower or swim in jewelry. Always apply make-up and perfume before jewelry. When needed, wash with warm, soapy water and pat dry with soft towel. Polish with polishing cloth. Liquid jewelry cleaners are harsh and not recommended for use with NCB Jewelry.