According to Eastern Medicine, crystal and gemstone healing provides therapy for the mind, body and spirit. This occurs on a metaphysical level using the power of the earth's energies that have been absorbed by stones over thousands of years. It is believed that the natural vibrations of these stones interact with and influence the human electromagnetic field, which can enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual energy balance. Gemstones vibrate at different frequencies, affecting us in different ways. Below are descriptions of my favorites!


Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal

These stones are not actually diamonds, but exceptionally translucent and sparkly quartz crystals that are unique to Herkimer County, New York. They are formed within Dolomite stone, which makes them harder and more durable than other quartz crystals. Herkimer crystals are naturally faceted with double termination points that reflect pure, brilliant light resembling a diamond. They are said to be the most powerful healing crystal, with the ability to magnify and harmonize one's natural energy.





A naturally bright, opalescent, apple green stone that attributes its color to trace amounts of nickel inclusions. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity. It facilitates self-expression and courage. Chrysoprase is primarily related to the heart chakra, which it activates, opens and energizes. Chrysoprase is most prevalent in Australia, Poland, Russia and the US, in California and Arizona.



 Sleeping Beauty Arizona Turquoise

Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise  

Considered a semi precious stone, genuine Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from Sleeping Beauty mountain in Globe, Arizona. Renowned for its natural strength and pure, sky blue color, there is no other mine that produces turquoise quite like this. Natural color ranges from light robin's egg blue to a darker, Caribbean sea blue, with characteristic lack of matrix. It symbolizes success, wisdom and nobility. The vibrations of turquoise are said to be strengthening- good for overcoming depression, anxiety and exhaustion. It is a stone of protection.